Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Punk is Back

Punk is Back

Punk is Back by thebeautyboxdiary featuring asos handbags

Styled this set using mainly statement pieces... each item in the set could easily be used to styled a completely different outfit to create a trendy chic look. Still sticking to the punk theme which I seem to be a huge fan of these days I paired these white pants with bold black trims & zipper details on the front & sides with a studded leather jacket. To finish off the look I added Lita boots & a monochrome bag to give the outfit a blended well put together look. Each item in this set is unique & could be paired with many different things to get that trendy look we all seek.

Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm just a Girl

Punk is having a moment in fashion right now due to the Met Gala theme "Punk - Chaos to Couture" and when I think "punk" I cant help but to think of Gwen Stefani she has truly been one of the stars who has transformed her style over the years from punk to Couture. However though her style has evolved into more high fashion she has always remained true to her bad girl punk rocker image.
If you are a No Doubt fan like I am you'll remember in her early years she stuck to her rocker roots mainly wearing black and plaid trousers with laced up boots & occasionally a beanie on her head.
Gwen Stefani was also wearing crop tops & hipster pants way before they were ever even thought of as being a trend. She went through a phase where she was wearing bikini tops either by itself or over a crop top that she had on, once again demonstrating her love of fashion and how she played around with it.
In 2003 She launched her clothing line with the acronyms L.A.M.B which stands for love angel music baby. Inspired by the harajuku Japanese culture she also started a sister line Harajuku Lovers and began touring with four harajuku girls who served as her muses & entourage. Here again we see how bold Gwen can be with her fashion choices never being afraid of trying something new and experimenting with different styles.

We've always seen Gwen in plaid but not before now have we seen her in other prints. Here she is dabbling in the print trend using tribal prints and patterns and like everything else she does it well.

Over the years Gwen has experimented with many different styles but the one thing that never changes is her signature red lips & her love for black signifying the true rocker in her. Her style has become more Couture from when she first started but it still has an edge and a hint of punk to it. She has now found  her true niche by blending all the different styles she loves into one, making her personal style cool, fun, sexy, chic & yet still "PUNK" Gwen Stefani you ROCK!
This is one of my all time favorite No Doubts songs thus appropriate for my post title.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review for the Met Gala Punk Theme - Chaos to Couture

The Met Gala 2013 hosted their yearly fashion event themed "Punk - Chaos to Couture" and the stars  delivered. These are some of the looks from last night's red carpet event...

Anne Hathaway wearing Vintage Valentino... The dress is fabulous however there wasn't enough punk details to it. Her hair and make-up is what gave this look that punk rocker look.

Madonna being Madonna wearing a studded plaid tartan jacket which is Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci  paired with ripped fish net stockings and no pants... this is so Madonna. Though this look is very punk there is no Couture happening here. The black wig the neon pink shoes takes me back to the 80s... I'm a huge fan of hers but I think she could've done better. However as I was looking through her photos I couldn't help but noticed it seemed she was having a great time which leaves me to assume that Madonna just doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. Rock on Madge!

Nicki Minaj has cleaned up quite nicely as of lately. Here she is wearing a plain navy blue Tommy Hilfiger dress with cut out at the midriffs. She has toned down her look a lot since of lately but I'm worried she might be loosing her creative side. The only thing about this look that says punk is the hair and make up and the hair might still be in deliberation because it is more of an 80s glam rock band hair look... however she still looks stunning. 


Miley Cyrus is getting older and screaming it... dressed in a Marc Jacobs long sleeved netted gown this Morticia Addams inspired look (from the Addams Family) was perfectly punked. The spikey rocker hair and makeup was the cherry on top. This was one of my favorite looks of the night.
Mara Rooney walked the red carpet in Givenchy this ruffled front center split dress is just gorge. I think it would've came off as more punk if it was black but none the less the goth make-up made up for that with her hair pulled back. Also this is the actress that starred in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so naturally whenever you see her no matter what she is wearing you associate her with that character. She pulled this dress off very well.

Nicole Ritchie all I can say is OMG! she took it next level... She's my best dressed pick of the night. You can tell a lot of thought went into this outfit. Even though the dress is white her hair & make up sets the tone for the punk theme and the little details of her accessories such as the spike earrings  gives the look some edge. Her beautifully tanned skin is glowing in this custom made Top Shop gown.

BeyoncĂ© in Givenchy looking flawless however this looks more like royalty than punk. She looks beautiful so is the dress... her hair and make up on point however again there is no signs of punk really in this outfit to me.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West... Ok I like Kim but this is very far fetched from the punk theme however I will say she looks "ok" in this Riccardo Tisci dress. I mean she is preggers so it must be very hard for her to fit into anything right now... she gets a pass from me. I've seen a lot of other reviews where people are saying she looks like a couch because of the floral but floral is a huge trend right now so I just think this dress was not right for the occasion but she looks "ok" holding on tight to her man Kanye West who is also fabulously dressed in Riccardo Tisci.

Monday, May 6, 2013



Sparkle by thebeautyboxdiary featuring biking jackets

This set is inspired by the Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 RTW show he's been using a lot of metallic and shine sequin palettes on the run way. The hotpants makes this outfit super sexy paired with a sequin zip jacket. This look is for the girl who is not afraid of showing some skin. Its  sexy chic and fierce. You can check out some more of the trends and looks hitting the runway this fall at the link above.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pink Blossoms

Pink Blossoms

Pink Blossoms by thebeautyboxdiary featuring a bracelet bangle 

This outfit is inspired by all the pink blossoms surrounding us in this wonderful spring season. The dress I chose has so much character and details to it. The lined details going across the dress almost gives it an architectural structured look. The back of this dress is open which adds even more details to it and can be worn by itself to show off the beautiful design of it or throw on a solid black blazer that has a asymmetrical cut... keeping the overall look of the outfit in that same structured theme. I paired this outfit with strappy sandals to match the solid lines on the dress with an embellished floral purse and to finish it off a light pink bracelet for the wrist. Stunning outfit to wear to an elegant event.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Peplum & Pastels


Pastels by thebeautyboxdiary featuring layering shirts

Peplum pastels & florals are three of the hottest trends right now. So here I combined all three in this set to give it a trendy look. The mint floral peplum skirt is paired with a slouchy sheer layered top to give the outfit a relaxed effortless look.  The floral skirt is already busy with details so I added nude pumps and a bag to balance out the outfit. I would go lite on the makeup using mostly neutrals for the lips, blush and eye shadow... this outfit is perfect for any fancy occasion a date night, a dinner party, a girls night out etc... its a chic, trendy, sexy look.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

So Pale

So Pale

So Pale by thebeautyboxdiary featuring pink jewelry

Loving the fresh pinks in this set. The neutrals, the pastels all combined together gives this outfit a fresh springy look. The bow on the shoes gives it such a feminine look. The purse, the earrings and the bracelets brings life to this simple body conscious chic dress. The sheering on the dress gives it character and details. This dress is a perfect date night dress... its not too much or too little its just right.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Summer Days

summer days

summer days by thebeautyboxdiary featuring a ruffle dress

This dress screams summer... even better a beautiful summer evening. The color is vibrant the ruffles gives the dress character and the high low design makes it trendy & stylish. Perfect for just a stroll through the park or a just a get together with friends. Paired with stack bangles gladiator sandals & a navy blue bag.