Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm just a Girl

Punk is having a moment in fashion right now due to the Met Gala theme "Punk - Chaos to Couture" and when I think "punk" I cant help but to think of Gwen Stefani she has truly been one of the stars who has transformed her style over the years from punk to Couture. However though her style has evolved into more high fashion she has always remained true to her bad girl punk rocker image.
If you are a No Doubt fan like I am you'll remember in her early years she stuck to her rocker roots mainly wearing black and plaid trousers with laced up boots & occasionally a beanie on her head.
Gwen Stefani was also wearing crop tops & hipster pants way before they were ever even thought of as being a trend. She went through a phase where she was wearing bikini tops either by itself or over a crop top that she had on, once again demonstrating her love of fashion and how she played around with it.
In 2003 She launched her clothing line with the acronyms L.A.M.B which stands for love angel music baby. Inspired by the harajuku Japanese culture she also started a sister line Harajuku Lovers and began touring with four harajuku girls who served as her muses & entourage. Here again we see how bold Gwen can be with her fashion choices never being afraid of trying something new and experimenting with different styles.

We've always seen Gwen in plaid but not before now have we seen her in other prints. Here she is dabbling in the print trend using tribal prints and patterns and like everything else she does it well.

Over the years Gwen has experimented with many different styles but the one thing that never changes is her signature red lips & her love for black signifying the true rocker in her. Her style has become more Couture from when she first started but it still has an edge and a hint of punk to it. She has now found  her true niche by blending all the different styles she loves into one, making her personal style cool, fun, sexy, chic & yet still "PUNK" Gwen Stefani you ROCK!
This is one of my all time favorite No Doubts songs thus appropriate for my post title.

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  1. I like Gwen style and her songs too. :)


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